Below is a list of the most frequent questions we receive. Just click on one of the questions and you will be taken to the section of the page the question is on.
Q: I visited your site last week and when I came back today, the price was $10 less. Why?

A: As I state in the middle of the home page of this website, I did not design this site to get rich. I designed it so that you may take advantage of all of the hard work I've done with this great group of programs.  I base my price so that I just cover my advertising costs. That is why the price may fluctuate from time to time. As of today's date, it is currently the lowest it has been at $49.64. It will not go any lower then that based on future advertising projections by my company. So, don't wait until it goes back up! Order now!

Q: What payment methods do you offer?

A: We offer two. Our main payment provider is ClickBank.  You can pay online by using a credit card, PayPal, or even a check.  ClickBank is extremely secure so don't worry.  If you choose, we also accept payments through Google Checkout.  They do not accept PayPal.  If you wish to use ClickBank to send your membership fee, click here . This will send you to our order page on ClickBanks website.  If you wish to use Google Checkout instead, click here.

Q: How am I paid from the survey companies?

A: You'll receive payments directly from the companies conducting each survey or focus group that you participate in. So once you complete a paid opportunity, most will pay you directly to your bank account. Funds may be calculated in U.S. denominations at the time of deposit.  Your bank or financial institution will automatically convert it at the time of deposit.

Q: Do I need special computer knowledge to participate?

A: Absolutely not. All that is needed is an Internet connection, which you obviously have, and an email account that you will use to receive survey offers.  The only other thing you need to bring is your opinion!

Q: Is the membership fee a one time fee only?

A: Yes. Once you join Classified Surveys, we will never charge you a penny more for anything. You get an unlimited membership that you can use as long as you want.

Q: How many surveys can I participate in?

A: As many as you want to! There is no limit to the amount you can participate in. You can do one a day or 100. It is up to you and how much time you want to spend on it. Join us today!

Q: Should I use my personal email address to receive survey offers once I sign up?

A: We suggest that you designate a email box just for receiving survey offers.  That is what I did when I started this. I just opened a Yahoo email account for free and that is what I still use.

Q: Is my privacy protected?

A: When you join and take part in market research through Classified, your privacy is valued and protected. Classified never gives or sells your personal data to outside parties. Furthermore, the companies participating are all legitimate businesses that care about their participants needs. They want you to keep offering your opinions to help them understand the market. When you provide personal profile information about your age, address and income, it's used to develop demographic data. This means, they can understand how certain age groups in certain locations act to various promotions and products. This helps stores near you stock the products you love and want; it shows companies where they need to open shop, and so much more.

While we only allow honorable companies into our network, each company does hold their own privacy policy. To know exactly how they user your information, please read each company's website and legal policies.

For more information, please see our privacy policy. (This will open a new window.)

Q: Can anyone sign-up?

A: Yes. You do not need any special skills or requirements to sign-up. You may live in the United States, UK, Canada, and across the world, within all occupations, beliefs and native origins. We do, however, require participants be at least 18 years of age or older. Members will find many surveys of a general nature, while others focus on specific demographics. Join now!

Q: How many companies currently list in Classified

A: Currently, our database holds about 500 companies, each with one or more survey or paid opportunity listed. Our database is strong and growing larger each day. This does not include the the jobs listed within the free bonus membership to Home Job Group. They have almost 1500 home jobs and additional surveys.

Q: What is a focus group?

A: A focus group is a few people who join an online chat or discussion group offering their opinions to businesses in a direct manner. This lets businesses tailor the questions to the group participants, so they can get more input than a typical survey offers. This environment lets companies clarify answers, as follow-ups and so forth. A common example of this is a phone survey.
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