You can become an affiliate of Classified and earn $36.00 every time you send someone to this website and they join!  That is 75%! 

We offer some amazing tools to help you

  • We offer pop-under code for your web site.
  • Coming soon!:Banner ads for your web site.
  • Coming soon!:Thumbnail photo banner if you have a review website.

Benefits of choosing Classified

  • Low charge backs/refunds: You can feel comfortable knowing that people that join Classified get what they pay for.
  • Great sales page: Our sales page is one of the best and converts 1/16. We have reviews from 2 well respected website's posted on our sales page.  This helps create the great conversions!
  • Highest payout available: With a whopping 75% max pay out, you will earn $36.00 per sale!

Becoming an affiliate of Classified is very easy. If you already have a Free ClickBank Account, you are 90% done.  Please follow the steps below to begin your lucrative Classified Affiliate Business!

Step 1: Sign up for your free ClickBank Account.

This is very easy and free.  It is an easy 1 page form that asks you where you would like your check sent!  They will ask you to choose a Nickname for your account. Make sure you right this down when you choose it. You will need it for the next step.

To sign up with them for free, click here (this will open up a new window)

Step 2: Creating your affiliate "Hoplink".

What's a "Hoplink"? It is nothing more then a web address you use to link to this web site.  The difference is that this link will track your referral for you. So you wont just send people to "", you will send them through a link with your ClickBank Nickname in it. This way, you will get credit if they buy. The best news is, even if you referred them and they leave, you will still get credit for up to 30 days after you sent them originally! This means, even if they just type in into their address bar, you will still get credit!

So that is what a hoplink is. Now, I am going to explain to you how you easily create this link. You are going to see some text below. It is a web address.  You are going to use the text with one alteration. You are going to replace the text that says "YourClickBankNicknameGoesHere" with your actual ClickBank Nickname. You can't type on this page, so get out a piece of paper and a pen so you can write this down. Ok, here is the web address text. This will be referred to as a "hoplink". Remember, use your actual ClickBank Nickname in the place of YourClickBankNicknameGoesHere
Copyright 2009 Classified All Rights Reserved
Step 3: Use this hoplink (web address) that you created, to send people to this site. You can do this various ways. You can build a quick review web site and write a review of this product first. Then create a link with the hoplink (web address) above embedded in it. If you choose Pay Per Click, Google Adwords and Yahoo really don't allow you to just create an ad and use this as a link. They both require you to pretty much have your own website now. If you know a way around that, by all means, go right ahead!

Just make sure you use the hoplink you just created. I know there are a lot of creative Affiliates out there. Just don't spam people. Read our spam policy if you have questions about that.

Step 4: Collect your money!  ClickBank will send you a check every two weeks. Just think, you could be getting a check for $3000 to $5000 every 14 days promoting Classified!

Helpful Marketing Items:

1: Pop-Under Script
Embed this in your site and Classified will open behind the page they are on (your site). This is less annoying then a Pop-up. Just copy the script below replacing xxxxx with your actual ClickBank Nickname,
<script language="JavaScript">

var popunder=" "
function loadpopunder(){
2: Banner Ads: Coming SOON! (Sorry, working on them now)
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